About me....

As long as I can remember I've loved drawing and painting, often spending many hours on my art homework and neglecting the rest, but usually being rewarded by my art teacher showing my work to the class on 'how homework should be done'!

After winning an art competition aged 11 I realised I had a talent, although I didn't pursue art as a career, choosing instead to be a stay-at-home mum, which gave me plenty of time to practise art at home and study painting at SCOLA.

It was there that I was encouraged to join an art group, so in 2011 I became a member of Tadworth Art Group, which has ignited my passion to draw and paint as well as to be surrounded by fantastic artists who encourage and help me develop further.

I draw inspiration from the Devon countryside in which I live, as well as regular trips to Cornwall, Dorset and further afield. My preferred media are watercolour, pencils, pastels and pastel pencils.